Hi, I’m Kara Grant and welcome to my website. I at times in my life feel like I am a “Jack of all Trades”!

I have so many hobbies and things I LOVE to do. I garden, sew and try about any type of DIY as well as pursue running my home under strict organic guidelines such as preserving my own foods and making my own cleaning and cosmetic products.

Finding time for all my “hobbies” was not easy while raising my 4 kids that I home schooled, while also restoring several historic homes that I opened as a bed and breakfast – OH and I am a wife as well.

To accomplish everything I want on a daily bases I have had to learn and develop some very strict but practical organization tools.

None of these tools were learned overnight. In fact there were seasons where it felt like my life was TOTALLY out of control!

At times I have felt

  • Guilty
  • Confused
  • Isolated
  • Busy but like I had not accomplished ANYTHING
  • Overwhelmed with my weight of responsibility
  • Disconnected from myself & not sure who I was

But thru my defeats and victories I have acquired tools and methods to maintain balance in so many areas of my life!

Right now my life’s biggest desire is to help and encourage others that are struggling with some of the same things I have struggled with.

So let me share with you my favorite survival tools!